Pictures and description of re-plumbing the main part of our house

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Several neighbors in our little area have had an under slab leak. We haven't, but it may be just a matter of time, and I'd rather do complete job at leisure rather than one or more half-ass repairs in a hurry. I can only guess that the leaks are related to the rocky, sandy soil under the houses, and maybe the fact that our house was build on a cut area and all the others are on fill.

My plan was to use 1" copper where needed and 1" PEX otherwise to connect the service entrance, the hot water heater, and four PEX manifolds located in the garage and a bedroom closet. Each manifold has multiple shut-off valves and connections for 1/2  PEX. 1/2" PEX lines then connect the manifold connections to the individual fixtures. All PEX runs are in the attic, and are continuous - no fittings.  All copper, soldiered joints, and almost all PEX fitting are visible. No fittings of any kind are overhead, and only the shower PEX fittings are behind walls.


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